Tuesday, August 11, 2009

$9.00 worth of school supplies?

I've seen some Wal-Mart commercials that advertise school supplies and claim that you can get all of the school supplies you need for $9.00. Now wait a minute Wal-Mart - all the supplies for just $9.00? I've seen the school supply lists the school put out. $9.00? Is that for one day's worth of supplies? Well, I've seen those commercials dozens of times, but apparently didn't read between the lines well enough to understand that they mean "$9.00 each", as in each item. $9.00 back-packs, $9.00 t-shirts, $9.00 lunch-boxes, etc. I haven't been over to their school supply section yet, so I had to figure this out for myself on their website.

Some "factoids" I found on youthnoise.com when searching for info on the average back-t0-school costs for students:

Factoids: Back to School Costs

(It ain't cheap!)

Factoids: Back to School Costs $483 The average amount of money families with school aged children will spend on back to school items
$219 on clothes
$90 on shoes
$73 on school supplies
$101 on electronic/computer equipment

$14,790,000,000 The total amount parents/guardians will spend sending elementary and high school students back to school

I also found some "average" amounts that were even higher. Again, YIKES!

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  1. That is nuts. But I have to say - I also know many parents who OVERDO the back to school shopping. My children don't need to $80 pair of runners for example ;)

    I'd love to invite you to list your blog at herblogdirectory.com - i looked for another way to invite you (as in not her on a comment form ;) but couldn't find a contact link.