Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Unit Studies

For a classic literature group that we're participating in (starting next week), we've been reading "The Song of Hiawatha"

Without intending to, reading and talking about the stories have led to other discussions. We've talked about our Chippewa heritage (related to some of legends) and how I visited Minnehaha Falls (discussed in several of the stories) during my mission to Minnesota.

That got me thinking about related enrichment activities that could be used to supplement her reading. Art projects (make a canoe like Hiawatha did, or draw a book cover)? Creative writing (a poem in the style of "Song of Hiawatha")?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"If you went to public school..."

Now there's a phrase you'll hear from time to time in our house, especially at back to school time, when jealously rears its ugly head.

"Yes, but if you went to public school, you....
  • would have to get up earlier in the morning and go to sleep earlier at night
  • would have to get dressed as soon as you woke up
  • would have to do schoolwork even if you wanted to take a break
  • would have to sit in a desk
  • would have to be quiet and raise your hand if you wanted to talk
  • would have to ask to go to the bathroom (thanks "Mean Girls" for pointing this one out)
  • would be at school most of the day, then do homework & chores when you got home
  • probably wouldn't get much one on one interaction with your teacher
  • probably wouldn't be able to work ahead when you had mastered the material
  • wouldn't get to watch TV at lunch time
  • wouldn't get to do things during the day, like go grocery shopping or to the library
I could go on here, but you get the idea. I can rattle off a hundred reasons why she wouldn't like going to public school, but if I'm short on time I get right to the "deal-breaker" - the ultimate argument in favor of homeschool....

"You wouldn't be able to spend all day with your sister"

...and that puts an end to it!