Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Library day!

We have a loosely scheduled library day on Tuesdays... I mean, it doesn't always happen, especially if I'm able to renew books online. The local library doesn't have educator cards and only allows 2 renewals (which is annoying to me because in Portland there were unlimited renewals and I was eligible for an educator card, which meant I could check things out for 8 weeks each time) so it seems like we have to make a trip in every week.

Our 4th grader enjoys doing reports, so she's doing a (brief) report on some of the major Activists/Reformers in US History (Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller, Fredrick Douglas, etc). Its been fun for her to figure out how to find the books she needs in the junior biography section and she usually comes home with a few extra books "for fun". Today the bonus books were "You wouldn't want to be Cleopatra!" and "World War II for Kids".

She has her own library card, but thanks to a lost book, the wrong VHS tape being put in a video case, and a few "But MOM - I thought I returned that book 3 weeks ago!" incidents, she is responsible for her own fees from now on! I still remind and (now) double-check everything against the list of books checked-out online before we leave to return them, but if a book "disappears" again, she knows she will be responsible for replacing it now.