Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to school purchase o-rama

One of my favorite homeschooling perks: not being forced to purchase a ridiculous array of unnecessary and expensive school supplies. Kendall has had the idea for the past few years (thanks for nothing TV commercials and store displays!!!) that August means that its time for an entire new wardrobe, an enormous set of new school supplies, and a complete room makeover. Think again, batman! Sorry - you're homeschooled honey, we're not buying into that. Literally.


  1. Of course I can't find it *now*, but I was just reading an article this morning about how to make homeschoolers excited about "back to school". Including the kids in the curriculum planning process (What do you want to learn this year?) but being mum about how it's actually going to be carried out; hiding new games to be used in the new year; planning a fun "field trip" or "school lunch out" for the first day of school, and stuff like that. Make it almost like Christmas preperations! I wish I could find the article again...

  2. Let me know if you find it!

    In Portland they have a "NOT back to school day" for homeschoolers at Oaks Amusement Park - its on a weekday after regular school starts. I surprised Kendall one year (must have been 2 summers ago?) and we went. She couldn't believe how many other homeschoolers were there. She said, "I wish I knew somebody here to go on rides with" and then right on cue we saw our homeschooling friends the Allens walk around the was so fun. If it wasn't so far away I would consider taking her again this year. Maybe I can think up something fun to do around here!

  3. lol, i just found your site from google. I just had this same discussion with 5 of my 6 kids. (baby doesn't count yet). I am so thankful that I started homeschooling and saving al that money from school supplies. now i buy just what i need a few weeks before the tax free weekend, when supplies are at their all time lowest because when that weekend comes they raise the prices back up.